Blowing away the competition


If power is an issue… we’ve got the solution. A supercharger kit can transform your truck into the power demon it deserves to be. We carry a wide variety of supercharger kits to meet any truck lovers power goals. We have been installing superchargers for over a decade and watching the customers reaction on the first test drive is what originally brought us to the industry. We have ASE certified mechanics that are trained to maximizing the power output of our customer’s rides.


Superchargers come in all shapes and sizes and offer different benefits based on their design. The sole purpose of a supercharger is to compress more air into the cylinders which in turn creates that extra tire smoking power that will make any car enthusiast grin. We work very closely with our clients to build the perfect performance package. Supercharging a truck for rock crawling is very different from supercharging a street beast running light to light. We take pride in offering the best truck supercharger packages and our service is unmatched in the industry.


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When planning a supercharger build, it’s important to consider the other supporting modifications that you may be interested in. Adding 25-50% more horsepower may require fuel system upgrades, suspension tweaks and additional parts for safety. Our No Limit performance specialists are here to help you select the right parts the first time. We work with some of the best names in the business such as Magnuson, Vortech, Whipple and many more. Stop in or contact us today to learn how a supercharger kit can transform your grocery getter into a tire roaster!