Taking your truck to the next level


Performance chips or programmers can help take your car or truck to the next level when it comes to performance. Factory computer systems are usually restricted by the automakers and by adding a performance chip or programmer, we can unlock horsepower with ease. Your vehicle’s computer controls all of the latest technology that is built inside late model trucks, and like most computers, small tweaks can be made to give you big advantages over the competition.


New performance chips (also known as programmers) not only allow you to adjust fuel curves, timing and many other power robbing setting, but they can also provide a safeguard from potential damage to the important components of your ride. Diesel trucks, in particular, can see some of the biggest benefits from using a programmer. Most of these programmers will allow you to increase boost, make fuel adjustments and even correct issues caused by installing larger tires and wheels. With the increased power and added safeguards, a truck programmer is a no questions asked upgrade. Contact us today for more info on Bully Dog, Superchips and many more.


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A great addition to go with your programmer is a better-flowing exhaust system and a cold air intake. Just like a diesel programmer, these upgrades can help you unlock horsepower that is being trapped by your stock setup. Most automakers use restrictive systems to help muffle engine noise, by upgrading your intake and exhaust you can unlock extra horsepower and even increase your mpg. We carry a full line of intakes from AEM, K&N, Banks and many more. Matching your intake with a great truck exhaust from Gibson or Magnaflow will help give your ride that aggressive growl you’re looking for. Contact our performance specialists today to learn more about the best upgrade options for your truck.