Lift Kits

That just right height


If you’re looking to separate from the pack and have that one of a kind truck, there’s no better way than to install a lift kit. Lifting your truck not only provides an aggressive look and feel but offers increased performance once you leave the pavement. No Limit has been installing lift kits for over 15 years, we take special care with each and every vehicle that comes through our shop. Whether you’re looking for a rough county lift kit, skyjacker lift kit or you just need help deciding, No Limit’s off-road team is here to help.


There are a lot of decisions when it comes to lifting your truck.. How high should you go? What tires will fit with a particular lift? Should I go with a suspension lift or just a body lift? These are all great questions and just a small example of what we can help you with. Are you looking for an F250 lift kit that will dominate offroad but still offer quality street driving? We can help! Are you a bowtie guy looking for a chevy lift kit? We can take care of that for you too. Maybe you’re looking for a Tacoma lift kit to clear those new 35’s, providing that mean stance that can’t be accomplished with stock tires and wheels.. Yup, we can help with that too!


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There is an unstoppable feeling when you first climb into your truck after having a new lift kit installed. Having the clearance to plow through all types of terrain is where a suspension lift kit really helps your truck shine. No Limit has been working with our lift kit dealers for well over a decade and that allows us to offer some of the best pricing in the industry. Whether you are looking to have your lift kit installed by one of our off-road specialists or you just need to purchase a body lift for your diy project, we’re here to help. Contact us to discuss your lift kit needs in the Baltimore and surrounding areas. If you have questions, would like to schedule an appointment or need to get lift kit pricing, call us today!