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The weakest link in traction can usually be found in your stock or worn out suspension components. Whether you’re looking to tackle a winding road or tear it up at the strip, No Limit has the knowledge and products to help you accomplish your goals. Trusting someone with your cars upgrades is always a tough choice, our techs take pride in each project like it’s their own.


A great suspension setup is more than just lowering springs and upgraded sway bars, it’s compiled of multiple components that are designed to work together. The best suspension package starts with a goal and is then strategically assembled to meet your needs. No Limit has 15+ years of experience is upgrading car suspensions and knows the difference between building a car for the track and one best fit for the street. If you’re looking for a company with a proven track record, you’ve come to the right place.


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Since 2000, No Limit has been upgrading cars for the great people of Baltimore, car dealerships and even record-setting athletes. This long track record has opened up the best distribution channels with some of the top manufacturers in the industry. These relationships allow us to offer the best suspension products to every one of our clients. Whether you’re looking for an adjustable coilover setup, bolt on strut bars or a full suspension package, No Limit can help. Contact one of our specialists today to find out more.